TidalWave Comics teams up with Unknown Comics releases a new version of “Political Power: Bernie Sanders” comic book.

The new editions cover will feature an homage to Marvel Comics, “Secret Empire” #10 produced by Unknown Comics.  The cover depicts Sanders wearing his inauguration/famous mittens.

The Sanders cover was drawn by Jimbo Salgado.

“Political Power: Bernie Sanders”  is written and drawn by famed comic book artist Joe Paradise.  The longest serving independent member of Congress in American History, the unassuming senator from Vermont is a supporter of the middle class who vows to end the toxic partisan divide in Congress. A grassroots-level groundswell of support has catapulted Sanders into the national spotlight, forcing his competitors to, “Feel the Bern!”

Unknown Comics is an exclusive comic book dealer who will be distributing this title.  With more than 500 exclusive titles in their ever-growing library of comic books.

The biography comic format allows TidalWave writers to delve into the history of newsworthy figures and explore what shaped them. Several media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS have featured the company’s line of biographical comic books.

The latest biography comic book joins TidalWave’s ever-growing library of more than 200 comic book biographies. Previous titles have profiled Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, George Bush, Joe Biden, Nelson Mandela, Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren, among others.

You can find the exclusive book here thru Unknown Comics:

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