Behold, Frankenstein the Unconquered 2!

The thrilling, apocalyptic horror tale birthed from the imaginations of Dalton Shannon and Wells Thompson returns!

FRANKENSTEIN THE UNCONQUERED 2 continues the saga of Frankenstein as he traverses an apocalyptic hellscape to seek revenge. Issue one blew away expectations with its thrilling concept and amazing artwork by Mary Landro. Now, the formidable team of Dalton Shannon and Wells Thompson continues the epic saga of the UNCONQUERED beast, known as FRANKENSTEIN!

Imbue a classic tale with intense action, vibrant visuals, and a metal-inspired story, and you have FRANKENSTEIN: THE UNCONQUERED 2! A tale about a monster who refuses to relinquish the past but must find its place in the present. It’s a story about violence and revenge, starring a protagonist with the strength to rip men apart with his hands and the temperament to do it at the slightest provocation.
FRANKENSTEIN THE UNCONQUERED 2 is the second issue of the first story arc. The first issue’s campaign proved a massive success on Kickstarter, having reached over three hundred backers. Issue two promises to be the event of the fall when its campaign launches on September 19. You will not want to miss this comic!

“Frank isn’t a series that’s particularly shy about its influences,” explains series co-writer, Dalton K. Shannon, “From Universal Horror to Conan the Barbarian and every blood-soaked step in between, it’s a book that’s been with us from the very beginnings of our creative careers. I like to think we’re as much a part of Frank’s undead heart as he is of ours and I hope that shines through underneath all of the blood, sweat, and fear that bursts from the page with every turn. Monsters, swords, and the eternal promise of undying hate: what more could a guy ask for?”

“Frankenstein the Unconquered is a love letter to old school pulpy comics, classic movie monsters, and the literature that inspired them,” continues series co-writer Wells Thompson, “I’ve always been enamored with creature features and getting to explore them through the lens of this brutal post-apocalypse, where every panel looks like it could be a Megadeath album cover, is just a dream come true. The team is so overwhelmingly talented, it’s a massive privilege to work with them on this book. I can’t wait to get it in people’s hands!”

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