Beetle Girl: Collected Edition

10 great 8-page tales!
Danni Garret takes over her grandfather’s legacy of the Blue Beetle and rises to meet every challenge as the new, daring Beetle Girl!
Danni takes on the all-powerful “Skyruler” and his trio of incompetent assassins!
Danni battles a woman possessed by a mysterious precious gem!!!
Danni battles the Sphinx and his diabolical plans!!!
Danni battles Tox with the help of Cyber Jane as he spreads his chemical evil around Hill Top City
The Red Knight is back in town and this time revenge is on deck. Plus, the return of…Come on! You gotta read it to believe it!!!
A man named Victory arrives from a parallel earth and is the prime suspect in a string of murders. Can Beetle Girl uncover the “Mystery of a Man Named Victory”? Several scientists turn up missing in Hill Top City and Captain Townsend asks Beetle Girl to help with the investigation. All is going well until S.P.E.A.R. shows up and takes charge!
Three origins in one action-packed book! The Blue Beetle, Dr. Franz, and Beetle Girl! Nuff said!
Three gruesome murders at the dockyards of Hill Top City and the police are baffled. Can Beetle Girl uncover who’s responsible before murder number four?
Beetle Girl battles the evil demon Moloch with the help of Slim & Nun!
Words by John Michael Helmer, Dan Solano, Lou Mougin, Chris V, and Tim Shelton
Art by Eric Douthitt, Dan Solano, Oscar Suyama jr., Chris V, Joe Singleton, and Saulo Silva
Letters by John Michael Helmer
Cover by Luis Rivera
Edited by John Michael Helmer
Collects Beetle Girl issues #1-10
Pages: 80
Format: B&W
Kindle $4.00
Paperback $8.00

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