Becky Lynch Announces She’s Pregnant, Asuka Awarded RAW Women’s Title

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had a major announcement to make and she did just that.

During Monday’s episode of RAW in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center on the USA Network, Lynch walked out to the ring for a promo while carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase.

This is where she announced that she has to go away for a while. Asuka walked out to the ring and yelled at her for having the MITB briefcase, which had the RAW Women’s Title inside.

Lynch said that the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match was actually for the RAW Women’s Title. She gave her the title before telling Asuka to go be a champion because she is going to be a mother. Thus, Lynch announced her pregnancy, and Asuka was awarded the title.

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