Beaver Breaks Records, Bunsen Sequel Immediately Greenlit — But Only For Pin Holders

The beaver is king of the jungle!

The boffo box office numbers brought in by BAD IDEA Donuts Presents BUNSEN BEAVER AND HIS PAL TREE this weekend has the donut world speechless.

BAD IDEA Donuts, who debuted the book along with their Perfect Donut at the South Carolina Comicon, were at a loss for what to do from 4:37 pm on Saturday until their sweet dinner reservations at Soby’s on Sunday night (fried green tomatoes are a must, but avoid the banana cream pie comic fam!)

With inventory completely sold out, the BAD IDEA Donuts employees were forced to wander the show floor aimlessly, apologizing to everyone who had not immediately purchased a Perfect Donut. Who knew that BAD IDEA Donuts would so vastly underestimate the number of people willing to pay $20 for a single donut?

But BAD IDEA Donuts will not make that mistake again because this time we’re not even accepting money. That’s right, First Customer Pin Redemption offer number 3 is here!

You demanded it. We listened. BAD IDEA Donuts is proud to announce the sequel to the hottest donut of the year! Get ready for Perfect Donut 2.

And, of course, once again a high-end, luxury gift box and a brand-new free comic:


To celebrate the sequel we’re doubling the fun and asking for TWO First Customer Pins.

For those new to the newsletter, BAD IDEA sends every BAD IDEA Destination Store a First Customer Pin tied to select releases. The first customer to purchase the issue the pin is tied to on the day of release is awarded a First Customer Pin. Every so often, we’ll announce an opportunity – could be an item, an experience, a live event or some such accoutrement – that is available exclusively via the expenditure of First Customer Pins. These opportunities will be limited, available for very short periods of time and exclusively for those BAD IDEA-sters who possess a First Customer Pin. (Aren’t you glad you camped outside your store all night now?)

If you choose to procure one of the incredible opportunities, you must  forfeit your First Customer Pin.

Redemption Instructions:
If you have two (2) First Customer Pins, you may redeem one (1) Perfect Donut 2 (with collectible box and free comic – BUNSEN BEAVER 2 AND THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF HIS PAL TREE) from BAD IDEA Donuts.

To redeem the Perfect Donut 2, simply send us two First Customer Pins, a check or money order (made out to Cincinnati Kid LLC) for $20 to cover shipping and handling ($29.99 each if you are international) and the following information:

– Full Name
– Full Address (this is where we will send your Perfect Donut 2)
– E-mail address
– Phone number

Bad Idea
5455 S Fort Apache Rd
Suite 108-154
Las Vegas, NV 89148-6416

All redemptions must be postmarked by or before May 1st. That’s just over two weeks.

Please allow up to 6-12 weeks to receive your Perfect Donut 2.

Again, checks and money orders need to be made payable to “Cincinnati Kid LLC”. Any made in error will be rejected. Sender may or may not be notified of the error prior to the redemption deadline.

Be vigilant when providing your contact details. We will not be chasing redemptees if there are errors or omissions. Make sure to provide your full address including your street address, your apartment, suite, unit, building, floor etc., along with your city, state, zip and country.

Remember that obtaining your First Customer Pin exclusive Perfect Donut 2 with your two First Customer Pins will mean forfeiting the pins and potentially missing out on all the upcoming First Customer Pin opportunities. Unless, of course, you manage to secure new ones!

Remember, the BAD IDEA way also means no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores, perennially available Not First Printings and no more than approximately two comics a month – just monthly comics, sold in comic book shops. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.

Wanna get in while the gettin’s good with Bad Idea?  You simply have to visit a Bad Idea “Destination Store” — one of the 200 and counting comic shops around the world that have joined our independent network of direct-distribution retail partners — to pick up all the glorious BAD IDEA books every first Wednesday of the month. (Or pre-order in advance to make sure you secure your copy.)

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