Battlestar Galactica (Classic) #4 preview

Battlestar Galactica (Classic) #4

writer: John Jackson Miller

artist: Daniel HDR, Edu Menna

covers: Marco Rudy (A)

              Daniel HDR (B)

              Marco Rudy (RI-Virgin)

              Daniel HDR (RI-B/W)

FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |   Teen+  

Commander Adama’s worst fears have been realized: Galactica has surrendered to a superior power. Now, Captain Apollo’s cleverness is all that stands between humanity and its final annihilation. That, and one of Starbuck’s wild schemes! New York Times bestselling author and comics writer JOHN JACKSON MILLER (Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo) and Daniel HDR (Red Sonja, Superman) continue their miniseries timed for Battlestar Galactica’s 40th anniversary year!

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