Batman/Fortnite Comics Offered by Dynamic Forces On Limited Time Pop-Up Indiegogo!

April 29, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamic Forces is excited to announce a limited time pop-up Indiegogo campaign offering copies of the hottest comic book in the world – Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1! Fans can get their copies right now!

The biggest event in comic books this year and in recent times is the ultimate crossover between the most popular superhero in the world and the most popular video game in the world. This exciting story brings the Caped Crusader into the iconic island that Battle Royale gamers know so well. Batman has to figure out how he ended up in this colorful and explosive world, and in fact who he is, with his memories missing. The series is set to reveal mysteries about the world of Fortnite that have never been detailed in the massively popular game.


Dynamic Forces is offering all three main covers for the scorching hot first issue. The main one is by superstar artist Mikel Janin, known for his fan-favorite work on Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. A special second cover is printed on a premium cardstock paper for a higher quality and sturdier collectible, as well as a limited logo design to showcase the spectacular artwork of Kenneth Rocafort (Superman). Fans looking for the ultimate commemorative rarity can grab the third cover by Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, known beyond Fortnite for his game design on masterpieces and cult classics like Shadow Complex and Advent Rising. Not only did he lead the charge on developing this ambitious story, but his remarkable cover recalls hall of fame Batman artists like David Mazzucchelli (Batman: Year One). This cover is strictly limited, with only one copy in existence for every 25 copies of the others.

In addition to these hard to find comics, each is available signed by series writer Christos Gage. With comic conventions still hampered by current events, this is a great opportunity to get a personal and valuable edition of this historical storyline. Christos Gage is an acclaimed scribe for his work on the Netflix Daredevil TV show, and an extensive library of comics such as Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and much more. He has played a crucial role in the development of the Spider-Verse story that made its way to film, and currently writes James Bond: Agent of SPECTRE for Dynamite in addition to this huge crossover.

Nearly four years in, Fortnite Battle Royale remains the biggest video game across the world. With a player count exceeding 350 million users and generating over 2 billion dollars in revenue worldwide, the game shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Beyond DC Comics and Batman, Epic Games have partnered with a diverse range of other brands like Marvel, Star Wars, John Wick, Stranger Things, and even hosted virtual concerts for huge acts like Travis Scott, BTS, and Marshmello.

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