From Greg Horn…

Hi everyone, I am in a bit of a pickle here and hoping you all can help me share this or get the word out on it somehow… Just found out that the pre-sale for my new cover for Batman #50: The Wedding of Batman and Catwoman, will happen this Saturday at noon. Problem is I’m on my way to Fort Lauderdale airport driving through the worst weather I’ve seen in years. I’m pulled over under an overpass just to write this post. Cover A will have the newlywed couple in their bride and groom outfits. Covers B and C will depict the couple as Batman and Catwoman. These two covers look very similar, but keep in mind cover B will have the logo and trade dress, whereas cover C will be a “virgin” cover with nothing but the art shown. Please, no jokes about Catwoman-she is still a virgin— I don’t care what Ivy says.
Prices will be as follows…

Variant A: $12.99. Limited 3000

Variant A & B: 29.99 limited 1500

Variant A, B, C: 54.99 limited to 1000
As always, each configuration will come with an option for unsigned, or signed with a certificate of authenticity issued by Greg Horn art.
Like I said, I am on the road and unable to do much in the way of promotion. If any of you can help me get the word out with a share, or mentioning it on a forum somewhere, I’d really appreciate it! The pre-order sale will take place this Saturday 12 PM noon Eastern time zone at

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