Oct. 25, 2022, (BUFFALO, NY) — Band of Bards is proud to announce their Previews solicitations for November 2022. This month brings a big jump in the number of titles on offer with five listed works, including four new releases!

Band of Bards made a choice to spend its first three months as a publisher carried by Diamond Comics Distributors with a conservative number of solicitations. The intent was to become thoroughly familiar with a new process and means of distribution. Now BoB is ready to kick things up. Band of Bards will have 4-6 titles offered every month starting with November’s issue of Previews. These titles will be in stores in January 2023, giving us a grand start to the new year!

(W/A / CA) Ben Humeniuk

A 68 page, full magazine sized, action packed anime style comic. Band of Bards’ first YA title!

In the year 2095, humanity is on the right track to recover from catastrophic climate change and to begin a new era of advancement. People from every background intermingle in clean megacities across the globe, and a commitment to tolerance marks their developing international society. But a group of beings called Deywos, who claim to be Earth’s ancient gods, are harassing the human cities, hoping to terrorize humanity back into submission.

The only person who can stand in their way is Bro-D, a genetically-modified teen who was altered and trained to save lives in the face of a mass crisis. Practically invulnerable, Bro-D will engage the Deywos’ champion, Bregghammer, in a running battle of fists, weapons, and will. But on the day where his abilities matter most, Bro-D will finally discover the truth behind his powers, and the one thing that can bring him down for good.
In Shops: Jan 18, 2023 SRP: 14.99

NOV221319 – Cover A CARPENTER
NOV221320 – Cover B YAK – 4.99
NOV221321 – Cover C 1:20 Incentive Full Foil YAK – 4.99
(W) Travis Gibb (A / CA) Tyler Carpenter

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 30 pieces of silver that Judas dropped when he betrayed Christ? The Westergaard family knows and they have been fighting a hidden war against demons that have been spawned from it for years. However, since the death of Cullen Westergaard, his daughter and son are split apart as a new evil rises. Can they come together to save humanity one more time?

This is an action packed 2-part mini-series that just might have more story to tell. Band of Bards is excited to team up with Travis Gibb from Orange Cone Productions to create a comic rooted in history with a unique and haunting story!
In Shops: Jan 18, 2023 SRP: 4.99

VIGIA #1 (OF 5)
NOV221324 – Cover A GIL
NOV221325 – Cover B BOGATCH – 5.99
NOV221326 – Cover C 1:20 Incentive Full Foil BOGATCH – 5.99
(W) C.J. Hudson (A / CA) Rodrigo Gil

An alien science officer, along with her companion artificial intelligence, crash land on a strange world only to discover a long dead civilization, that isn’t so dead after all. Follow Gazala and Adi as they seek a way off of a supposedly dead planet only to be confronted by terror at every turn as they seek to uncover the gruesom secrets of the Qon. Part archeological survey, part horror, all action packed thrill ride.

This sci-fi adventure is a beautifully drawn oversized first issue through an alien world. Placed far into the future where Earth is ancient history we get a look at a society ripped apart by suspicion and malice. VIGIA is the first of many upcoming titles from C.J. Hudson!
In Shops: Jan 11, 2023 SRP: 5.99


(W/A / CA) Jeremiah Schiek

Orphaned by the increasingly violent clan wars that have been instigated by the treacherous and mysterious Red Lady, young Minagawa Shoji flees home, lost and alone, into the mountains above his scorched village. There he finds and befriends a teacher; a mysterious old man who teaches him to speak with the Voice of the Mountains. Years later, returning from his voluntary exile, Shoji finds his world more war torn than ever. After happening upon the aftermath of a decisive battle at Akagahara, Shoji finds himself the unwitting custodian of the legendary Mugendai Blade, and its companion Scorpion Stone. Will he use these relics to turn the tide against the malevolent Red Lady? Or will he further withdraw from these troubles, and retreat back into the mountains?

HUSH RONIN is planned for semi-annual release. A 48 page love letter to Kurosawa, this series will please lovers of samurai movies and spaghetti westerns alike!
In Shops: Jan 18, 2023 SRP: 9.99

(W) Robyn Singer (A / CA) Jorge Santiago, Jr.

Gambling addict Danny Lin, and disgraced MMA fighter Jasmeet Khanna awake to their new reality as captives of the Mercury Society. Danny & Jasmeet must serve their new masters’ every sadistic wish in an impossible effort to repay $100,000,000 debts. With only their skills as gambler & fighter to rely upon will they be able to work together or will the Mercury Society break them?

Issue 2 is where this series really kicks off. We’ve met the main players in the demonic game. Now we start to learn their fates and the enormous odds stacked against them. It’s diabolical. It’s masochistic. It’s extreme psychological horror ready made for the 21st Century!
In Shops: Jan 25, 2023 SRP: 4.99

“Watching us grow as a company has been exciting, but seeing so many of our Bards have the opportunity to get their stories read by the masses, it is everything I’d ever hoped for. This is such a tremendous and important step for Band of Bards.” – Chris Benamati, BoB co-founder

“These are exciting times for Band of Bards. We chose to grow our company and our catalogue responsibly. Now is the time to step up our offerings and show everyone just what Comics Doing Good is all about.” – Tim Stolinski, BoB co-founder

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