BAD IDEA’s First Ever ECCC Appearance Includes A GOOD BOY — PLUS: A New Dinosaur Island Video INSIDE!

♫ Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’… ♫

Seattle here we come! BAD IDEA is making our first EVER appearance at Emerald City Comic Con and we’re bringing sneak peeks, surprise guests and very special gifts…including a brand-new comic!

Prepare to be shocked, terrified and thrilled by, A GOOD BOY — an all-new comic book by the disturbed individuals at BAD IDEA.

A GOOD BOY marks the first BAD IDEA work from the twisted mind of Doug Wagner (PLASTIC, VINYL) who is joined by Adam Pollina (PYRATE QUEEN, WHALESVILLE), Mike Spicer (TRANSFORMERS, MURDER FALCON) and Dave Sharpe (TANKERS, ACTION COMICS).

<<< BAD IDEA — the last and greatest underground comics publisher — is going live at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON for the first time. That’s right this is BAD IDEA’s first ECCC panel. Be here — or miss the rendezvous between BAD IDEA impresarios Dinesh Shamdasani, Peter Stern, BAD IDEA Bobby who give you, dear reader, the first look inside the closed channel of the most high-frequency experiment in self-distro comics culture. Join us for all this, special guests AND a free gift. >>> END.

Saturday, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Arch • Level 3 • Tahoma 3

All panel attendees who follow the pre-launch page of the ROBERT VENDITTI’S TANKERS Kickstarter campaign are eligible for one (1) free copy of the convention exclusive — A GOOD BOY, available exclusively at ECCC and only in limited supplies.

To follow the campaign pre-launch page, simply click on this link and then click NOTIFY ME ON LAUNCH.

In 2023, to gather research for his upcoming TANKERS comic book series, writer Robert Venditti, and a small film crew set out on a 3-day expedition to Dinosaur Island.

Months later Robert returned — with no crew…only the footage they shot.

PART 4 of 6
ROBERT VENDITTI’S TANKERS comes out of the gate chomping on Kickstarter!
TANKERS — a comics extravaganza of bone-shredding destruction, wanton corporate malfeasance, and buckets and buckets of ammunition. Like a Saturday morning cartoon that’s run irresponsibly overbudget, TANKERS is going to take all of our insecurities about mankind’s most self-destructive impulses and turn them up until the knob snaps off.

Joining forces with New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (SUPERMAN) and Juan José Ryp(WOLVERINE) is a monstrous line-up of blockbuster artists ready to bring TANKERS back! We’ll be revealing each and every one of them, as well as details on the mountain of new pages, the new stories, the insane once-in-a-lifetime dinosaur artifacts we’ve secured just for this campaign, and, of course, the giant, villainous secret at the fast-beating heart of this TANKERS campaign.

So follow the Kickstarter pre-launch page to be notified when the campaign is live!

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