BAD IDEA To Make FIRST EVER PANEL Appearance at C2E2 — Will Give Away New HERO TRADE Comic!

It’s finally happening! BAD IDEA will be appearing live and in person for the very first time.

Join us for the first ever BAD IDEA panel at C2E2 next Saturday 4/1 in room S403-A at 12:45pm, where you’ll learn what makes BAD IDEA tick, discover what’s in store for the future and get the chance to ask questions directly!

Who/what/why is BAD IDEA? America’s last and greatest underground comics publisher is going live for the first time at C2E2 2023. That’s right this is BAD IDEA’s first panel. Be here — or miss the first rendezvous between BAD IDEA impresarios/co-founders Dinesh Shamdasani, and Atom! Freeman to give you, dear reader, the first look inside the closed channel of the most high-frequency experiment in self-distro comics culture. Join us for all this AND a free, brand-new, exclusive BAD IDEA comic book entitled HERO TRADE: HUDSON. >>> END.

Saturday, 12:45pm
Room S403-A.

The panel will be moderated by BAD IDEA Bobby himself with guests Atom! Freeman and Dinesh Shamdasani in attendance.

And as a special thank you for attending (and doing one small, to be announced at the panel, task) every audience member will receive a free copy of HERO TRADE: HUDSON, the newest tale in the HERO TRADE universe! This comic will only be avaliable at C2E2, and only via this panel!

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