BAD IDEA Returns To Stores This Wednesday With TWO New Comics & TWO New First Customer Pins!

BAD IDEA TWO kicks off this WEDNESDAY in comic shops across the globe , and we’re coming back with a bang!

Two massive, 48-page books drop, with two brand-new BAD IDEA B-Sides, and to celebrate we’re releasing two new First Customer Pins!

First, bask in the science-fiction, western, action, comedy, crime, adventure that is ESCAPE FROM WYOMING #1 by Robert Venditti & Jorge Monlongo! When a group of the galaxy’s worst criminals escapes a secret intergalactic prison buried beneath Wyoming, a small-town sheriff and a disgraced alien cop turned inmate must join forces to bring the outlaws to justice before planet Earth explodes.

Then, journey to the brutal and subversive cliffs of the dark fantasy epic that is ORC ISLAND #1 by Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli & Matt Hollingsworth. A tale unlike any BAD IDEA has released before, and one guaranteed to leave you changed.

Both books arrive with brand-new BAD IDEA B-Sides! Get ready for POWDER DAY by Jody LeHeup (Shirtless Bear Fighter) and Justin Mason (Spider-Punk), and ARK STORY by Mike Carey (X-Men) and Kano (Wonder Woman).
We’ve got an enormous, weeks long in-store party planned to promote BAD IDEA TWO (full details coming tomorrow!) and we’re kicking things off with two new First Customer Pins!

If you’re one of the amazing (but also crazy) fans camping out overnight to make sure you’re the first person to buy a copy of ESCAPE FROM WYOMING #1 and/or ORC ISLAND #1, and to ensure you get a First Customer Pin, we salute you! Don’t forget to take a picture with the gold pin (or pins, if you secure both) and your copy of ESCAPE FROM WYOMING #1 and/or ORC ISLAND #1 at your store and post it. Tag @badideahello, so that our crack social media team can amplify it and spread the word. If you don’t get a pin, we still love you. Post a picture of our books on the shelf of your local comic shop or in a selfie, and we’ll show you that sweet social media love.

The First Customer Pins are strictly to be awarded only to the first customer to purchase a copy of ESCAPE FROM WYOMING #1 and/or ORC ISLAND #1 at each BAD IDEA Destination store location. The first customer to walk in during official store hours and pick up a copy – that includes early bird Wednesday Warriors buying at the counter, someone picking up a pre-order, a random making a purchase, even the guy who really needs the restroom but then locks eyes with the books – you just have to be the first.

What exactly do the First Customer Pins do?
Every so often, we’ll announce an opportunity – could be an item, an experience, a live event or some such accoutrement – that is avaliable exclusively via the expenditure of First Customer Pins. These opportunities will be limited, avaliable for very short periods of time and exclusively for those BAD IDEA-sters who possess a First Customer Pin.

But be warned, if you choose to procure one of the incredible opportunities we provide, you will forfeit your First Customer Pin. And we will do everything in our power to make you regret it by creating an even more incredible-er opportunity next!

BAD IDEA is more than just comics sold exclusively in comic book shops, it’s an all-in lifestyle that preaches no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores and the straightforwardness of Not First Printings. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.

Make sure you don’t miss a single BAD IDEA release by visiting a BAD IDEA Destination Storeone of the more than 200 around the world. They’ll help you pick up all the glorious BAD IDEA books — but be quick, sell outs are common — or pre-order with one in advance to make sure you secure your copy.

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