Picture this: You’re a comic book retailer. But it gets even better: You’re one of the select few comic shops that can rightfully call yourself a Bad Idea “Destination Store.” Dang, there’s only 154 of those — and they’re among the most elite stores in the country. Congrats! You’ve earned it.

But ever since Bad Idea announced its unruly and experimental strategy to bring audaciously entertaining comics exclusively to world-class shops like yours, you’ve had people in and out of the store who are all lathered up for Bad Idea‘s comics, but with few outlets for their volatile full powder keg of enthusiasm. First, they came for THE HERO TRADE, and you lived to tell the tale. Now, all you hear is “Where’s ENIAC #1, where’s ENIAC #1, where’s ENIAC #1” — but Bad Idea’s debut issue doesn’t come out until March 3, 2021. What’s a comic shop to do?

Good news, friend: Bad Idea is here to help.

In the first of many unexpected surprises to come (bet on it!), Bad Idea will soon be elbowing its way into your store with a slew of artfully designed, blatantly promotional decor to get your customers talking and let everyone know – yes, everyone – that they’re shopping in a Bad Idea Destination Store and that they better show some respect.

Behold, a wealth of Bad Idea-brand treasures, coming soon to every single Bad Idea Destination Store:
(arriving January 2021)

But how will I know what Bad Idea’s comics look like, sound like, taste like?,” your shoppers ask. Ponder no more! With Bad Idea’s handy-dandy CRASS PROMOTIONAL MODULE v1, every single reader in your store can get 16 (yes, SIXTEEN!!!) totally free pages of content previewing your new favorite publisher’s initial salvo of pullbox-pummeling titles, including:
•  ENIAC #1 by writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) & artist Doug Braithwaite (Justice)
•  TANKERS #1 by Robert Venditti (Justice League) & Juan Jose Ryp (Wolverine)
•  WHALESVILLE #1 by Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) & Adam Pollina (X-Force)
•  THE LOT #1 by Marguerite Bennett (Animosity) & Renato Guedes (DCeased)
•  SLAY BELLS #1 by Zeb Wells (Hellions) & David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Plus: This bad boy also has A BUNCH OF SUPER-SECRET SURPRISES that will get us in trouble if you take pictures and tweet them, SO DEFINITELY DON’T DO THAT!!! Man, Dinesh is going to be super-pissed when he finds out about this.

(arriving January 2021)

Your store isn’t just a shop, it’s an art gallery — and it’s about damn time that someone treated it as such. That’s why Bad Idea is sending you a museum-worthy framed poster. Yes, framed. And not just in one of those stylish, modern-thin black frames that looks good everywhere, but in a garish, lavishly adorned, 16×20 overly ornate gold frame that is impossible to miss. (Retailers: check your emailed instructions for the minimum required time it needs to be displayed, per “the rules.”) But don’t worry, we’ll be sending you a new 16×20 promo poster to pop in there every month, and we’ll be rounding out the minimum display time with one hell of a poster surprise, too!

(arriving February 2021)

This sucker right here (kicks tires, slaps hood) stands approximately 16 inches high and handles two (count ’em!) rows of up to 25 comics apiece. We’re talking’ double-sided header cards promoting Bad Idea’s upcoming March 3, 2021 launch date and ENIAC #1, too, for once you’ve got those puppies in hand. In the meantime, you can pop your Bad Idea promo books in here or copies of THE KING IN BLACK #2 or whatever in there once those run out. We don’t really care — BUT REMEMBER: This lives on your counter. It is now an immovable part of your counter. And, for the purposes of this exercise, it always has and always will be part of your counter. It came with the joint, dig? These are the sacred rules of Bad Idea, and they are inflexible and unchanging. Oh, and did we forget to mention? LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER (taps dump) READ THE DUMP.

Want to bask in awe of any of these elegant promotional displays or, better yet, buy some comics?  You simply have to visit a Bad Idea “Destination Store” — one of the 154 comic shops around the world that have signed on to join our independent network of direct-distribution retail partners — to pick them up on a Wednesday. (Or pre-order in advance to make sure you secure your copy.)

We’ve made it even easier, too. To locate a Bad Idea retailer near you and then pre-order ENIAC #1 and every other Bad Idea title, simply click here and fill out the little form.

For more information, visit Bad Idea online at BadIdeaCorp.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or just mash the screen with your palm and do all four simultaneously.

*** ENIAC #1 ***
Written by MATT KINDT
*** PLUS: An All-New BAD IDEA B-SIDE: “SAVE NOW” ***
*** $3.99  //  48 PGS. // RATED T+ // ON SALE MARCH 3, 2021 ***

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Picture this: You're a comic book retailer. But it gets even better: You're one of the select few comic shops that can rightfully call yourself a Bad Idea 'Destination Store.' Dang, there's only 154 of those -- and they're among the most elite stores in the country. Congrats! You've...