BAD IDEA Hires Actual Filmmaker To Make A GOOD BOY Trailer — See It Here!

The verdict is in, people love A GOOD BOY!

Well sit back and brace yourself because BAD IDEA did something unbelievable. We hired filmmaking darling of the Southeastern United States, Brockton McKinney(REPTCHILD, SICK AND THE DEAD) to envision and birth an actual movie trailer for the soon-to-be sensation of a comic book!

Prepare to be shocked, terrified and thrilled again by A GOOD BOY: The Trailer — an all-new comic book trailer by the deliciously disturbed individual who brought you a human baby and reptile hybrid.

…seriously, REPTCHILD is awesome.

A GOOD BOY: The Trailer!
A GOOD BOY marks the first BAD IDEA work from the twisted mind of Doug Wagner (PLASTIC, VINYL) who is joined by Adam Pollina (PYRATE QUEEN, WHALESVILLE), Mike Spicer (TRANSFORMERS, MURDER FALCON) and Dave Sharpe (TANKERS, ACTION COMICS).

If you’re foaming at the mouth to read this incredible story, like we know you are, just head down to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on Saturday, March 2nd. All panel attendees who follow the pre-launch page of the ROBERT VENDITTI’S TANKERS Kickstarter campaign are eligible for one (1) free copy of the convention exclusive — A GOOD BOY, available exclusively at ECCC and only in limited supplies.

To follow the campaign pre-launch page, simply click on this link and then click NOTIFY ME ON LAUNCH.

<<< BAD IDEA — the last and greatest underground comics publisher — is going live at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON for the first time. That’s right this is BAD IDEA’s first ECCC panel. Be here — or miss the rendezvous between BAD IDEA impresarios Dinesh Shamdasani, Peter Stern, and BAD IDEA Bobby who give you, dear reader, the first look inside the closed channel of the most high-frequency experiment in self-distro comics culture. Join us for all this, special guests AND a free gift. >>> END.

Saturday, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
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