BAD IDEA DAY is here! MONSTER KILL SQUAD #3 & PYRATE QUEEN #4 are both in stores right NOW!

It’s BAD IDEA DAY and two incredible new books are in stores right now!

BAD IDEA is almost over. After this week there’s only one issue left. Enjoy it while you can, we’re definitely not making any more comics. There is NOTHING you could find that would convince us otherwise. And for all you conspiracy theorists, no there is no hidden meaning in this email. We just want you to very carefully look this email over and fully understand that BAD IDEA is over, as we know it.

So today, prepare for the unexpected in the grand finale of PYRATE QUEEN, and steel yourself for the epic new chapter of MONSTER KILL SQUAD.

And for all your orcs who can’t keep up with the insane paper shortage induced schedule changes, or for anyone whose been stuck on a deserted island, a quick scheudling update: MONSTER KILL SQUAD #4 will arrive in stores in two weeks – Wednesday, February 9th.

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