Baby Badass is back. Last year’s cult hit comic from Action Lab Danger Zone is launching a Kickstarter on Monday, March 18th called Baby Badass Returns.

It’s a Kickstarter special edition of issue No. 1 in the second volume featuring the little bundle of bedlam, Alphie Omega aka Baby Badass. The story picks up where we left off with Joey, Baby Badass, and The Way Underground planning an important mission.

Most of the rewards offer a chance to get caught up with the first volume in the series. For those who missed it last year, Alphie Omega “didn’t ask to be born.” Described as “Mad Max meets Idiocracy,” the series features an escaped military experiment gone wrong; a thirty-three-year-old super soldier clone hybrid killing machine trapped in the body of a baby. Together with Joey, a sweet, soulful waitress from the New West Desert, they’re on the run from the evil M.O.T.H.E.R. in a future world gone mad.

The cover is an exclusive Special Edition only available through the Kickstarter. A striking Steranko homage featuring Joey in the Nick Fury role, it was created by Tony Donley, the LA-based artist who created the critically-acclaimed Action Lab hit, Albert Einstein: Time Mason.  Writer and co-creator (with Kristian Horn) D.E. Schrader returns with new series artist Andy Taylor (Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman) and letterer Clay Adams (Fried Comics, P.B.O.W. and Red X-Mas.)

Also featured are two exclusive covers by Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp, Sad Girl Psycho Baby). The “On Farrah” homage covers featuring Joey are sure to be something Dan’s fans will love.

Besides some really fun stretch goal plans, there are rewards that feature original pages of art, a replica Baby Badass helmet, and one completely ridiculous top-level tier featuring Baby Badass himself; that’s right, the actual one-of-a-kind doll that made the Comic-Con rounds in 2018. In addition to all the other rewards, this tier also promises “Lifetime looks of disappointment from your family and friends.”

Check out this crazy Kickstarter and its short film from the Year 2043. Come along for the post-apocalyptic pursuits of Joey and the Prophet of Profanity, Punishment, and Pain.

Baby Badass Returns!

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