Aviator Game Is the Latest Trend in Online Casinos

The Aviator crash game took the online gambling world by storm and continues to draw more fans by the day. Available on top casino sites like Betway, it features an incredible 97 percent RTP. But perhaps its top selling point is that the rules are easy to understand, anyone can play, and gameplay only lasts a few seconds. Here is a closer look at everything the Aviator game has to offer and it is currently the hottest online casino trend.


What Is Aviator?

  1. Release Date: 2019
  2. Name: Aviator
  3. Provider: Spribe
  4. Variance: Medium to Low
  5. RTP: 97%

Despite being released in 2019, the Aviator game seems to be gaining more momentum this year. It is a next-gen entertainment title developed by Spribe that allows players to multiply their bets. The game involves some strategy but also relies heavily on luck – you play as you try to predict when the multiplier will begin to decline. 


Key Features

The Aviator game offers a higher-than-average RTP. Thanks to the medium to low variance, the payouts are more frequent. This makes the game ideal for gamers playing on a lower bankroll.

In addition to the multiplier, other features of the game include double bets. You can use the “Plus” icon to place two bets instead of one as a strategy. You can also activate the autoplay feature, read the leaderboards to see the most recent winners and view statistics. 

In some casinos, you can also use the live chat feature to interact with other players.


How Do You Play Aviator?

As mentioned, the Aviator game is very easy to play. You start by placing one or two bets. When the round starts, a plane will start moving on the screen and the multiplier will increase. You must click “Cash Out” before the plane flies away and, if you do, you can cash out. If you do not cash out before the plane flies away, you lose your bet. 

The amount you win, if you cash out on time, is based on how much you bet and the last multiplier available on the screen before cashout. The Aviator game is based on “Provably Fair” – a cryptographic technology that randomizes the multiplier so that it is not generated by casino servers. This means that when you play the game on Betway and similar sites, every round is 100 percent fair.


Demo Vs. Real-Money

Aviator players can play the demo version or play with real money. If you are a new player, you can start with the former and play a few free rounds to familiarize yourself with the game and develop a strategy. You should then set a gaming budget for when you start to play with real money. 


Wrapping Up: Useful Gameplay Tips

Aviator offers beautiful graphics and unique gameplay that make it difficult to put down. But while it may be tempting to keep playing, the multiplier does not climb forever. This means it is better to cash out early. It is also better to place two bets instead of one to improve your odds. Whichever way you choose to play, it is inarguable that Aviator is a hot trend in the online gaming space at the moment and definitely worth trying.

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