Avengers #675 (Marvel) Review – No planet, no problem!

It is event time in the Marvel universe and not a moment too soon. With what seems like an entire month since the last mega-event ended I was wondering if Marvel would ever do another event again. As it turns out there was no need to worry as Avengers #675 kicks off a 16-part weekly epic titled “No Surrender” and it promises big changes to the group, to the universe and maybe even a temperary super-hero death or two.

Sorry if that sounds a little cynical but these Marvel events keep coming so fast that it is tough to keep up. This is an Avenger specific event, although it includes plenty of occasional members like Spider-Man, and combines the Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, U.S. Avengers and Occupy Avengers into one epic story. Turns out the Earth and the Moon have been stolen and moved to another part of the galaxy and there are attacks happening around the planet that the various heroes are battling. This provides some of the best scenes including the Human Torch attempting to stop a tidal wave from wiping out San Diego among other heroic deeds.

All that hero business comes to a quick stop when many of the members (and coincidentally the names with their own monthly titles like Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America) are frozen in place and in time. That leaves the b-team members like Wonder Man, Rogue, and Doctor Voodoo (not Brother Voodoo anymore?) to save the world. I like their chances! This is all-set up for the longer story and even at an extended page count (although not worthy of the extra dollar charged) it all seems a little bit rushed. Hopefully the story settles down next issue and the good news is that we only have a week until the next installment hits.


Avengers #675
Marvel Comics – $4.99

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