#4 Made in the Water Tower of Terror Halloween Special (2016)

So June 18th was Auroraman’s 3rd birthday.  Who is Auroraman you might ask?  Well he is just a regular guy, father, husband, and high school teacher from Humboldt, Saskatchewan.  One night while stargazing with his class he finds a staff filled with cosmic energy in a meteor shower and decides to become the Super Power of the Prairies!  This return to plain fun superhero styled comics is the brainchild of writer (and teacher and father of 5) Jeff Burton.  In just 3 short years Burton’s upstart idea has seen:

– 5,650 copies of Auroraman comics printed

– a minimum of 4,100 of those issues are sold out

– 23 (and counting) comic strips published bi-weekly locally

– the officially unofficial largest printed Canadian comic book

– and so far one 6 minute episode of the Audio Adventures of Auroraman audio comic book with episodes 2 and 3 on its way!

On top of this Burton has landed a deal with his local 7-11 to carry The Adventures of Auroraman comic books, and in less then a year the store has ordered over 100 issues!  For a small city with no comic shop to get kids into comics Burton is doing this the old fashioned way!  If you want to know more or get copies of his titles right now you can hit up the Auroraman facebook page and send him a message – or digitally on comiXology –

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