Auric of the Great White North: A Long Winter

Auric of the Great White North: A Long Winter
Imagine being destined to lead a battle against an evil-curse all the while having to wear the same face as your enemy. Now picture starting-off that dangerous journey untrained and alone in the unrelenting embrace of the Great White North.
AURIC: A LONG WINTER is a thirty-five page, black & white, dialogue-free, comic book continuation of Auric’s origin told by eight incredible artists.
Writer: Davis Dewsbury
Art by Mark Poutenis (Thinking Ape Blues), Shawn Daley (Ogres, Samurai Grandpa), Elaine Will (Look Straight Ahead, Dustship Glory, The Last Band On Earth), Jason Tocewicz (Cauldron Anthology), Christopher Yao (Greylight, Major North, Holmes Inc.), Shane Heron (Morris, Cauldron Anthology), Oliver Castaneda (Lady of Wrath) and Mike Rooth (Cover Artist: Aftershock, IDW, Image, Archie) who also provides a stunning wrap-around cover.
$5.00 digital
$10.00 print

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