ATTABOY Coming 2024 from Mad Cave Studios

“There’s a video game from when I was a kid that no one else seems to remember.”

NOV. 16, 2023, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Boy robots. Fallen fathers. Evil motherboards. Do we ever stop playing the games we played as children?

The newest original graphic novel from Mad Cave Studios, ATTABOY, written and illustrated by Tony McMillan (Serious Creatures, Lumen), is coming next spring!

A comic disguised as a video game instructional booklet, the tale of Attaboy follows our “byte-sized” hero as he avenges the destruction of his father and creator, Dr. Atta, in this colorful and personal allegory of grief.

Attaboy, the “byte”-sized hero, is forced to avenge the destruction of his father and creator, Dr. Atta, by the sinister rebellious mechazoid Motherboard. However, the turn of each page unravels a much deeper story of pixelated thoughts, real world references, and heartbreaking truths.

“Comics are a lonely pursuit in a lot of ways. Especially self-publishing comics,” said Tony McMillen. “After posting Attaboy on Kickstarter four years ago, I’m tremendously happy that the book has found a new home with Mad Cave Studios. Having a group of savvy people who are as excited as I am about this makes me confident that the large audience we both feel is waiting for a book like this will sit up and take notice…and that makes my toes tap!”

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