Experience an exciting mix of genres in the new graphic novel “Atomic,” set in a post-apocalyptic world!

Despite a nuclear catastrophe, hope still persists! “Atomic,” the innovative comic novel written by Stefano Labbia and illustrated by Vinicius de Souza, captivates readers’ imaginations through its cleverly constructed and highly relevant plot.

In this extraordinary epic, a brave group of rebels fights against an oppressive regime, which emerged from atomic energy and an international, multi-era intrigue. Empowered by revolutionary time-travel technology, the rebels venture into the past, determined to alter the course of events and rescue their world from a bleak future.

“Atomic” provides an engaging experience for fans of dystopia, time travel, and adventure. Prepare to immerse yourself in an exciting plot, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance and nothing is as
it appears!

Discover this extraordinary masterpiece and be captivated by the stunning artwork of Vinicius de Souza and the engaging narrative of Stefano Labbia (known for their works including “Killer Loop’s 1 and 2,”

“Dragon Way 1,” “Leroy Lambick,” “Super Santa 1,” “Super Madness 1,” and “Kats! #1”).

“Atomic” will soon be available in all Italian bookstores and major online platforms. Don’t miss out on
this extraordinary adventure!

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