Assassin G (aka Gan the 19th Sister) by Jen Troy and He Tao on Kickstarter

The year is 1982. As the lead assassin for the powerful Vermilion Pavillion, Margot Gan’s sole mission in life is to eliminate the powerful families of the Seven Cultivations Alliance to avenge their betrayal of her mother, the formidable Shui Hongshao.

Trained by Hongshao, Margot is virtually unstoppable as the ghostlike ASSASSIN G. However, when Margot faces off against the Yueyang Family’s own star JP Yin, she finds a mutual admiration as they try to defeat the other.

Soon, torn between their loyalties to their families, the kindred spirits come together in a forbidden romance that complicates everything about what they thought they believed.

Assassin G is actually the first English and contemporary adaptation of one of the most well-known Chinese Wuxia novels in recent history.

Originally written by legendary Wuxia creator Shiao Yi in the early 1980’s as a modern pioneer in featuring a female led story, Assassin G (known as Gang the 19th Assassin)was first introduced as a serialized column in daily Chinese newspapers throughout the world It became an instant classic, and would become a best selling novel and serialized radio program. It eventually became adapted for television four times in Asian television, with the seminal 1996 Chinese telenovela being one of the most popular television show of its era.

Immortal is honored to present this classic story for the first time to global readers in a modernized way, where ancient China is now 1982 San Francisco and New York and the story is now a foundational element of the interconnecteed Immortal Storyverse being created by the son of Shiao Yi, Peter Payhuan Shiao, which promises to bring together all the various influences of the martial arts fantasy genre known as Wuxia in one shared universe. Assassin G now marks the fourth title from the Immortal Storyverse.

ASSASSIN G is a double-sized issue, with 44 pages of engaging story and beautiful art in a 56 page high quality periodical. We print on 80lb glossy paper stock with a cover on 100lb glossy cover stock. The book is well underway, and when funded, we will send this issue to the printer immediately and fulfill within weeks. There are no risks of the creative team not completing this book on time.

Assassin G is written by Jen Troy, drawn by He Tao, colored by Hi-Fi, lettered by Deron Bennett, and edited by Brian Cunningham.

There will be FOUR amazing variant covers for this campaign, by artists Jim Cheung, Gian Galang, Gene Ha, and Joyce Chin!

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