Aspen Comics veteran writers, J.T. Krul and Vince Hernandez have teamed up for a new action-adventure series, Artifact One, released this summer with art and colors done by newcomer, Romina Moranelli. Co-creator/writer J.T. Krul discusses the series:


“With Artifact One, we really think we have something special starting. On one level, it’s a grand tale of adventure on an alien world, but it’s also centered on the whole notion of discovery. We wanted to bring the reader right along with Remi, our heroine, as she tries to uncover the hidden truths about her world and her past. So, mystery? Check. Adventure? Check. Danger? Check. Romina Moranelli? Check. Seriously, that last part is key. She’s an amazing talent and Vince and I are overjoyed with the energy and vibe she brings to the book”



Artifact One is created and written by J.T. Krul (Soulfire, Jirni) and Vince Hernandez (Charismagic, Fathom Blue), and features artwork by artist Romina Moranelli, with lettering by Dezy Sienty (Lola XOXO). Solicitation Copy for issue #0 reads:


Introducing Remi, a young and energetic explorer and relic hunter, whose boundless curiosity leads to a startling discovery beyond anything she could have imagined!


Along with her alchemist father, Remi works in secret, away from the prying eyes of the ruling clerics who lord over the realms of her world with their ancient decrees and strict devotion. Remi has her own sense of dedication – Her heart to adventure and her mind to the truth. But, what happens when that truth could change the fate of her entire planet, and destroy the very fabric of her civilization?



Artifact One #0 Cover A – JUN181455

Artifact One #0 Cover B – JUN181456



With issue #0 in stores, Aspen has also provided the item codes for Artifact One #1 out on October 17th. Solicitation copy for Artifact One #1 is provided below:


When tragedy strikes at the center of her world, Remi is forced to leave behind everything she holds dear in order to discover the truth behind her life’s upheaval—all while escaping the near infinite resources of the ruling clerics of faith that seek to not only bring her to justice—but end all traces of her existence!


Artifact One #1 Cover A – AUG181596

Artifact One #1 Cover B – AUG181597

Artifact One #1 Cover C – AUG181598

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