Ask For Mercy Season Two: The Heart of the Earth Arrives Today From ComiXology Originals

June 16, 2020 – New York, NY  –  Season Two of the hit comiXology Originals series Ask For Mercy is available today, June 16th from comiXology and Comicraft. Written by Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) with art by rising star Abigail Jill Harding, Ask For Mercy Season Two: The Heart of the Earth collects the Ask For Budgie one-shot and the 5-issue storyline The Center Of Everything That Is.

Ask For Budgie– spotlights the breakout star of Season One, posing the questions: who is Budgie and where did he come from? And following on, The Heart of the Earth features Kasa, Mercy, Ratmir and Budgie on an adventure where the course of history is at stake! Summoned by Lakota shaman, Medicine Bear, Mercy and her band of monsters discover that Ikto’mi—the Spider-trickster—is interfering with the lives of the people of the Black Hills and the American soldiers intent on driving them out!

Part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content, Ask For Mercy Season Two: The Heart of the Earth and Ask For Mercy Season One: The Key To Forever–a World War II fantasy horror story in which Mercy is snatched from her own place and time to join a team of Monster Hunters, who together, have to take on a Pantheon of Hideous Creatures summoned to our world by Nazi evil–are available to read at no additional cost for members of Amazon Prime via their Prime Reading benefit, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited and for purchase on Kindle and comiXology.

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