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The Board of Directors of ACTV US Corporation, the Nevada Corporation
that owns two (2) broadcast networks formerly known as Asian Culture TV, and
ACTV MANDARIN, its all-Mandarin counterpart, unanimously approved the gifting of 100% of its issued and outstanding shares to Asian Culture Alliance (ACA), a six (6) year old 501(c)(3) Nevada nonprofit corporation.
ACTV launched on January 26, 2017.

To fund its expansion in broadcast
programming, distribution and marketing operations, the network incorporated in early 2019. Under the leadership of ACTV’s President CEO, veteran international content provider and broadcaster Carl Lorenzana Magno, programs have quadrupled and viewership has grown from 200,000 monthly to well in excess of one (1) million monthly viewers on ROKU, KODI, AMAZON FIRE TV, VIMEO and recently, through the global apps of BINGENETWORKS.TV, in addition to Social
Media Networks, foremost of which is Facebook and Youtube.

Magno explains that when viewership numbers are on the rise, advertisers
and sponsors are normally willing to put more advertising dollars in your
Network. But during the pandemic, more people are binge watching at home,
while many local businesses are hurting, with little or no money to pay for
advertising. “Linear”, “Live” Programming or Broadcasts are being replaced by
“Streaming”, “Video-on-Demand” (VOD) content which are driven by National
VOD-advertisers. Many business entities generating increased incomes during
the pandemic may have very little need for advertising, but they are usually
willing to support the community and the public service efforts of ACTV,
especially the Asian-Americans. This is the reason why it makes more sense for
ACTV to be owned and operated by a Non-Profit Foundation, so that its
supporters and donors can take advantage of tax incentives, Magno added.

Magno has also declared to the ACTV Board that he accepted the offer of a
new Vegas-based Network, LaChTV, owned and operated by the Latino Channel
TV, LLC, to be its President & CEO. LaChTV programs are currently streaming on ROKU, AMAZON FIRE TV and global apps of BINGENETWORKS.TV.

Visit for info and to watch the programs.

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