ART’S REVIEWS: Wayne Reinagel’s new novel “The Castaway”

Award winning author Wayne Reinagel has published a new novel, ‘The Castaway.’  Set in the mid-19th Century, a British physician and a ship’s captain are marooned on a desert island in the Indian Ocean.  Wounded with no hope of rescue, they struggle to survive.  Meanwhile some dark and malevolent power is set loose upon the Island and an apocalyptic confrontation is inevitable.

Set in the Infinite Horizons Universe, ‘The Castaways’ is part of Wayne’s larger vision that culminates in his award winning novel ‘Sanctuary Falls.’

This is a well written story of classic adventure and supernatural horror with a psychological twist!  If you are a fan of Robinson Crusoe, H. Rider Haggard, Bram Stoker and Victorian adventure you will love this book.   Don’t miss it!


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