ART’S REVIEWS: “The Strange Harvest of Dr. Aquarius” By Jeff Deischer

August 28, 2017 is the 100th birthday of the legendary comic author and artist Jack Kirby.  Jack had a long career in comics from the 1940s onwards.  During that tie he created and collaborated on several of the most memorable comic book characters including superheroes and supervillains including: Captain America, Blue Bolt, the Boy Explorers, The Fighting American, The Fantastic Four, Darkseid, and many others. Writer and scholar Jeff Deischer has written a novel incorporating several of Kirby’s characters in the public domain to a crossover story taking place in the early 1960s which respects the original character lines and carries them forward.  This is a tribute to Jack Kirby and his genius carrying forward his legacy.


This is a volume that comic fans and anyone who enjoys superheroes cannot afford to miss!  As usual, Jeff provides detailed information on the creative process underlying the story and a chronology of the events taking place. Take a trip to yesteryear when Jack Kirby ruled as king of the comics and revel in his creations.


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