ART’S REVIEWS: The Doom Legion by Will Murray

Pulp legend Will Murray has written a new novel that crosses over 3 of the most popular Pulp Heroes of the 1930s:  The Spider, Jimmy Christopher (Operator 5), and G-8.  Will has taken these characters and fleshed them out into more realistic and complex protagonists.  Meanwhile, the prose is smooth and action is non-stop.  This is a real “Wild Adventure” story when a mysterious meteorite lands on Central Park and starts changing people into cosmic zombies.  To complicate matters, 2 supervillains from The Spider and G-8 show up to exploit the new threat.

It is a fun story from start to finish.  In the hardcover version there is a Secret Six story that parallels what is happening in the main novel and helps to fill out the back story on the meteor menace.

No self-respecting Pulp fan will want to miss it!

Will also has sequels in mind which e discusses with me, along with his planned next major novel “Tarzan Conquerors Mars”.

We cover lots of other things including new Sherlock Holmes and Cthulhu Mythos stories that Will has coming out.

Don’t miss this one!

The Doom Legion

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