ART’S REVIEWS: Tarzan: Conqueror of Mars by Will Murray

Pulp legend Will Murray has given the story for which Tarzan and John Carter fans have been waiting for over a century!  In this epic novel, Tarzan of the Apes is transported to the planet Barsoom (i.e., Mars) and meets face to face with soldier-of-fortune, John Carter.  This is truly a Tarzan adventure but the crossover with John Carter brings together the 2 most popular of Edgar Rice Burrough’s characters in one story.  Will Murray is a master craftsman who channels ERB with a modern polished writing style and gives us a non-stop fun ride from start to finish.  I just could not put the book down.  Tarzan fans, Barsoom fans, Pulp fans, and adventure fans will really enjoy this book.  It is not one they will want to miss.  Currently, it is out in softcover (with a wrap-around cover painting) and Kindle. The hardcover will be out soon.

Plus, Wil gives us several exclusives on current and future projects that no fan will want to miss!


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