ART’S REVIEWS: “Tag, You Are It” – Jeff Deischer’s new Heritage Universe adventure

Pulp expert and prolific author Jeff Deischer gives us a volume two in his Heritage Universe series using pastiches and Public Domain characters based on the Mystery men from the Charlton Comics of the 1960s.  “Tag, you Are It” takes place in the mid-1960s and is chock-full of action, mystery, and high adventure.  Those of us who remember the Charlton heroes will really enjoy Jeff’s take on them and the way he ties up some of the dangling plot lines that the abrupt discontinuing of the hero line left unresolved.

I especially enjoyed the battle scenes which were well choreographed, full of action and filled with insights into the various characters.  I found it to be a very entertaining read with a well developed plot and s few interesting twists toward the end.

If you are a fan of the classic superhero whether in comics or in prose, you will really enjoy this book!


Tag, You Are It:

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