ART’S REVIEWS: General Overview of Jeff Deischer’s Work

Prolific author Jeff Deischer and I discuss the breadth and depth of his fiction output. He has published 40 novels so far in several genres.  Jeff is an excellent writer and you will find something in his oeuvre that I know you will enjoy.  (and this is not to mention his non-fiction works, chronologies and character studies.

Below is  a list of Jeff’s output:


Divided We Planetfall (Brave New World #1)

The Shadow of the Sund (Brotherhood of Sabours)

The Reavers of Kargh (Brotherhood of Sabours)

The Red Brotherhood (Brotherhood of Sabours)

The Heart of the Universe (Brotherhood of Sabours)

Beyond Worlds Collide (Worlds Collide)

War of Worlds Collide (Worlds Collide)

Four on the Run (Sinners & Saints)

Four in the Way (Sinners & Saints)

Three on Match

The Gates of Heaven (Farspace)

Infection (Kindle only)



The Winter Wizard (Challenger)

Red, as in Ruin (Nemesis Company)

Spook Trail (Adventurer’s Inc.)

Millennium Bug (Doc Brazen)



Overman Paradigm (Overworld)

The Golden Age (Golden Age: Ned Pines’ characters)

Mystico (Golden Age)

Dark of the Moon (Golden Age)

Bad Moon Rising (Golden Age)

Future Tense (Golden Age)

Argent (Argentverse: my characters)

Night of the Owl (Argentverse)

The Superlatives (Argentverse)

Strange Days (Argentverse)

Modern Times (Argentverse)

Mystery Men (Argentverse)

The Strange Harvest of Dr Aquarius (Age of Aquarius)

New World Order (Heritage: Charlton & TH*ND*R)

Hide and Seek (Heritage)

Tag, You Are It! (Heritage)

Duck Duck Goose (Heritage)

War! (Heritage)

Peek-a-Boo (Heritage)



Skull & Bones (Agent Keats)

Chinese Puzzle (Agent Keats)

High Hopes (Agent Keats)

If You Can’t Stand the Heat (Defenders; Kindle only)

A Good Man Returns



The Little Book of Short Stories (pulp, sword & sorcery, historical)



The Adventures of Doc Savage: a Definitive Chronology

Marvel Timeline Project, Part 1

Over the Rainbow

The Story of Qing and Jeffu (photo book)

The Way They Were: the Histories of Some of Adventure Fiction’s Most Famous Heroes and Villains

Baker’s Dozen

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