ARTS REVIEWS: CALEDFWLCH: Bel Nemeton Volume 2 by Jon Black

Award winning author Jon Black discusses volume 2 in his Arthurian series Bel Nemeton – Caledfwch (Kal-ed Fw-ook) The title is the earliest Celtic name given to King Arthur’s Sword ‘Excalibur.’  This novel is the story of Caledfwch’s origin in ancient history and the search for it by modern adventurers Dr. Vivian Cuinnsey (Celtic linguist) and Jake Booker (Oil and Gas Engineer).  There is a bit of history, mythology, sword lore, and plenty of action.If anything this book is more fun than Volume 1 (Bel Nemeton)which was a blast.  In Volume 1 Vivian and Jake discover Merlin’s tomb!

Jon Has quite a few contributions to anthologies and a previous novel (Gabriel’s Trumpet) all of which are entertaining and great fun.  Check them out!


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