Art’s Reviews: A new Doc Brazen adventure: Net Prophet by Jeff Deischer

Award winning author Jeff Deischer returns to his pulp roots with adventure #3 in his Doc Brazen series, a pastiche based on a certain bronze hero we all know and love.  (You may be wondering what happened to Volume #2 in the series.  Jeff explains what happened in the interview.)  This is a reimagining of what might have happened if Doc retired for 50 years and then came back into the modern world to deal with new threats of a decidedly kind.  The story hits the ground running and introduces new aides and shows a 100+ year-old Doc in terrific (albeit less than perfect form).  The story is a lot of fun and is part of a larger planned series That will be published over the next 2 years.

Every true Doc savage fan will want to read this!

From Jeff:

“Two of Doc Brazen’s aides stumble onto a corpse in such unusual circumstances that they feel compelled to investigate the murder, which naturally brings Doc Brazen into the mix. With no obvious suspects because of the unusual circumstances, the victim’s ties to a New Age Hollywood temple, Eleusinian Ministries, take the foreground of the investigation.
I can be reached with comments or feedback through the publisher’s email address in the indicia of the novel.”

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