March 16th, 2022 — Discover the beginnings of an inspiring legacy. The dawn of an all new-corner of the Valiant Universe filled with epic mechs and sprawling worlds arrives with the ARMORCLADS Prologue digital exclusive short comic.

Years ago in a different solar system, peace and prosperity flourished in a golden age of honor, justice and order at the hands of seven families and their mythical suits. But the legacy of this past is about to clash with the present, where nations wield advanced armor known as Armorclads in a continuing battle for supremacy.

With the debut of the highly anticipated ARMORCLADS #1 on March 23rd, Valiant is proud to reveal the new ARMORCLADS Prologue digital exclusive short comic. This exploration into the history of the Armorclads will be first available during an exclusive period for the Valiant Community beginning on March 18th. Become a member of the Valiant Community to get access to all-new digital comics, giveaways, creator interviews and so much more by holding any of the Valiant metaverse collectibles found at

The community-first approach and focus on direct fan engagement at Valiant continues with this reward for the Valiant Community during an exclusive period to access the ARMORCLADS Prologue before the launch of ARMORCLADS #1. Stay tuned for more details to be revealed soon allowing fans everywhere the opportunity to read the ARMORCLADS Prologue.

Join the Valiant Community on the official Discord to find out how you can get your Valiant metaverse collectible and gain access to the ARMORCLADS Prologue digital exclusive short comic.

ARMORCLADS Prologue Official Synopsis: 

In a solar system with planets engaged in continuing battles for supremacy, nations have constructed advanced exoskeletal armor known as Armorclads to fight wars and build worlds.

Many years ago, there was no war or strife. It was a golden age of honor, justice, and order. Seven families kept the peace and ensured prosperity with mythical suits now only whispered about as legends or children’s tales. But the past and present are about to collide…

Created by JJ O’Connor
Writers: JJ O’Connor and Ryan Cady

Art & Colors: E.J. Su of Magnus Arts
Penciller (Present Day): Manuel García
Inker (Present Day) : Raül Fernández
Colorist (Present Day): Rex Lokus
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist: Jeremy Roberts

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