Armello now available for the Nintendo Switch

Armello, the fantasy digital board game from League of Geeks, is now available for Nintendo Switch for $39.99.

A game of wits, Armello drops players into a storybook arena where they battle for the crown. A mad king rules the land, and it’s up to each individual to decide how they’ll try to claim the kingdom.

Choose from one of 20 heroes from different animal clans, then tailor strategies around each character’s distinct sets of strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Use blades, magic, cunning, political savvy, or even the treacherous power of rot to wrest control of the throne.

Armello – The base game including eight playable Heroes (two from each of the four Great Clans), Classic Armello dice, four rings per clan (three per clan unlockable), thirteen amulets (nine unlockable), two board skins, 150+ animated cards, and well over 200 quests.

The Bandit Clan – Four playable Bandit Clan Heroes, Bandit Clan dice, two rings, one amulet, Guppy (Squire) card skin, and 50 additional quests.

The Usurpers Hero Pack – Four playable Usurper Heroes (One for Wolf, Rabbit, Rat and Bear) and four rings.

The Rivals Hero Pack – Four playable Rivals Heroes (One for Wolf, Rabbit, Rat and Bear), four rings and one amulet.

Hero Skins Pack – Alternate skins for the original eight Heroes and the Usurpers Heroes.

Seasons Board Skins Pack – Two alternate board skins; Spring and Autumn.

Premium Dice Pack – Four Clan Legends dice, Rot dice, and Royal dice.

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