Are You New to the League of Legends? Here Are Some Precious Tips and Tricks

We’re often looking for new ways to pass the time, and this is why it pays to have a hobby or a pastime that you’re passionate about. Playing online games is a way of spending your time away from work and responsibilities and enjoying it. One of the most famous games nowadays is League of Legends. Many people play it and, due to spending numerous hours attempting to win, are very proficient, even professional. If you plan to join the playing forces, you better be prepared and well equipped. No need to worry, though, we are here to provide you with some tips and tricks to start strong.

1)   Check Your Connection

A bad internet connection ruins many things, and among them is playing online. There are a few ways you can speed up your internet connection for a better game experience or overall internet performance. A bad or slow internet connection can cost you the match and ruin things for your team. No one likes to sit in front of their computer waiting for websites to load, documents to be downloaded, and of course, slow connections ruin your and your team’s pleasure of the entire online playing experience.

2)  Give Many Characters a Try

Initially, you will be undecided about which character to play with, but without trying various options won`t help you much. Trial and error is the best way to answer that question. Choose a bunch of characters that interest you and give them a try until you find the one you will stick with. Dedicate a few games to test each character and then decide.

3)  Use An MMR Calculator

The MMR is a number that shows your rank as a player in the game and changes each time you play. MMR (Match Making Rating) is part of the software to indicate the player’s skill and playing ability. You should calculate MMR in order to have a better idea of your MMR in the League system. To see a significant change in your MMR, you have to play many games and improve your playing tactics and schemes.

4)  Play The Same Position More Than Once

It is tempting to try different positions the same way you do with characters. However, if you want to play a certain position and be skillful at it you must try it more than once. Practice makes perfect, and it is the only way you get to know any position inside out and be comfortable about your choices. Your team will thank you for your excellent positioning skills.

5)  Get To Know The Language

Communicating with your team is very important when playing League of Legends. For better communication with your team, you have to know the acronyms players use when talking to each other. The game has a dictionary of unique terms and expressions used that makes talking to other players go smoothly. This list of acronyms will save you time when you need to tell your teammates something during battle.

6)  Make Sure you Have Time Before You Start

Many players think they can just have a quick game while waiting for an appointment or have a few minutes to spare. Some games continue for a long time and you have to be prepared for that. It is best to set aside time at the end of each day or on weekends to play and unwind. The average time for each game is around 45 minutes, but many matches last for much longer. If you want to win and achieve a high rank, it’s imperative that you play the whole match without any distractions. Looking away from the screen for only a minute can put you in a difficult situation and a wrong move within a split second can cost you the game. Leaving a game early not only decreases your team’s chances of losing but also results in penalties. We know it is a game, but players take it seriously and respect the rules to win.



Online games are a great way to reset and forget about real-life troubles or merely to spend some quality family time together. Many people consider playing online games as their treat or a way to reward themselves after a long day or week. When you spend most of your time worrying about daily matters or about making ends meet, it is always satisfying if you find an activity that is fun and entertaining at the same time. League of Legends does just that and is the reason it is so popular among online game players worldwide.

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