Are You A VIP? Top Online VIP Schemes!

Casino VIP programs are not new in the market; they have been around for years. Let’s say you sit down in your favorite casino, pick your beloved slot machine, and bet $200 on all the 40 paylines. You spin the wheels and win a couple of pots, but your money slowly dwindles to 25 cents. This is not sufficient to make a bet so you stand up getting ready to leave. However, before that happens, a rep walks over and says: “We would like to offer you 20 free spins as a token of our appreciation for playing in our casino.”

That doesn’t sound so bad, and it does not have to be free spins. You can choose other complimentary benefits like a coupon buffet, a pair of tickets to a hot show or a 10% cash-back on your losses. Your pick!

This actually happens in many casinos both online and premise-based. They are called VIP schemes, loyalty or reward programs. VIP loyalty programs are available in several other businesses. In casinos, they are a great way to prolong your play time or cut back your losses. However, each scheme is different, and terms vary from one casino to another. It is very important to understand how your casino VIP scheme works before signing up for a program.

How to sign up for a VIP scheme

There are various ways to sign up for a VIP scheme. It all depends on the casino you are playing at. Some casinos automatically sign you up for a VIP program once you make a real money deposit or bet. This is common in most online casinos and VIP Arab casinos. Offline casinos may require you to visit the front desk and fill an application. Others have their reps walking around asking customers if they would like a VIP card. You can also find exclusive high-roller VIP schemes that require an invitation or permission to join. Most VIP programs are easy to join, and you don’t have to pay any fee or jump through hoops.

How VIP schemes work

From outside assessment, VIP schemes are pretty simple. The more you play, the more loyalty points you earn. If you are playing online, the program automatically adjusts your points. Offline, you might need a VIP player’s card that you place in a special slot or give the customer service rep. Different VIP casinos use different schemes. Most use a straight “spend X get Y” scheme while others have a multi-faceted scheme that allows you to ascend different levels.

It is also worth noting that casino games are treated differently. Playing slot games usually has higher points than playing blackjack and other open table games. You also need to gather a given amount of time before climbing to the next level. Some schemes allow you to redeem and cash out your points or use them as deposits. Make sure you read the special terms to understand how the scheme works.

Bonuses and perks in VIP schemes

Casino VIP schemes vary from house to house. Those that share the same parent software or company may also share the same program. This is ideal especially if you can transfer your points across different houses. However, most employ different rules that suite their business. Signing up for a VIP scheme is one of the ways to increase your win rate in online casinos. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with a casino VIP scheme include:

  • Cash back – you can redeem the loyalty points for real cash or use for betting. You can also get cash back on losses.
  • Discounts – this includes discounted rooms, services, meals, shows, parking, banking and on-on-one services.
  • Physical gifts – includes show tickets, free meals, video games and birthday presents among other physical gifts.
  • Free-rolls and free play – you can win a set of free plays or get a special seat invitation to a tournament. Also includes free spins and bonus games.
  • Special treatment – includes faster services, front line in shows, restaurants and banking services, higher table/deposit limits and bigger match bonuses.

There are several other perks available in VIP schemes. It depends on the platform you are using. Casinos that employ the “play X get Y” system allow you to collect points that you can redeem for cash. Those using multi-tired programs have better deals and benefits as you go from one level to the next.


Finding VIP schemes is not a daunting task. There are several online casinos that have these programs, and in most, signing up is absolutely free. However, schemes vary from one casino to another. It is still important to consider various aspects including the terms, rewards, membership, casino reputation and customer reviews among others. You can also ask your casino’s customer service team about the existence of VIP programs and how to sign up for one.

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