Archie #699 Review

After more than thirty issues of the new look Archie comic book series, it has once again taken the numbering of the original Archie comics series which ended a few years back at issue #666. Following the recent trend of rebooting series to a new number one to goose sales and then restoring the numbering when a milestone issue is approaching to goose them again, Archie could not let #700 pass by without getting in on that sweet sales number increase.

Archie didn’t break the bank on this pre-celebration issue which in fact simply recaps the first 32 issues of the series in one extended flashback sequence. There has been a lot of action over those issues from Veronica’s move to Riverdale, a heated political race and a drag race that resulted in a major character being rushed to the hospital.

Thankfully Archie did fans a solid and only charged them a buck for this issue which was a nice gesture and hopefully got those fans who stopped buying the series back while not fleecing longtime fans with a full priced recap issue. I am not sure what surprises if any Archie has lined up for the big issue seven-hundred but I can promise you one thing; it will not cost a buck.

Archie #699
Archie Comics – $1.00

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