ARC: A Haunting on Mars preview

ARC: A Haunting on Mars
Created by Zach Chapman (House of Blood) and Ruairi Coleman (Superman: Son of Kal-El), A HAUNTING ON MARS is a cyberpunk horror 5 issue limited series published by Scout Comics hitting your local comic shops on October 25th.

Mars is a wasteland: A dead colony, founded by a dead billionaire, holding darkness and secrets within. Secrets which Echo Team are sent to uncover.

A hot-headed hacker is forced onto a team of corpo scum tasked with retrieving a dangerous piece of tech from a haunted house. She must survive double-crossing teammates and the bizarre mysterious horrors within.

Half Shirley Jackson, half William Gibson, A HAUNTING ON MARS will scare both horror and science fiction fans alike! Pre order directly from Scout here. Or at your local comics shop with code AUG232211.

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