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Action, Adventure, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Super Science, Androids, Time-Travel… this one’s got it all! Award-winning writer-illustrator and executive producer Mariano Nicieza teams with writer David Lucatch and illustrator Matt Gaudio to introduce a sci-fi, action-adventure opus for comic-book lovers everywhere …PHAZER UNIVERSE.

The saga begins as scientist Mark Moreno becomes the victim of a sabotaged experiment while attempting to unlock the mystery of an extraterrestrial power source, Alpha-Zachyon energy. Now he shifts uncontrollably through the timestream, where his altered molecular structure manifests different extranormal powers in every era. Hunted by Krauhzz, a shape-shifting alien, Moreno — Phazer — struggles to return to the world and family he left behind.

Fellow scientist Marcus Alimor recruits Agent Three Zero, Blackray and other allies to attempt a dangerous rescue mission and retrieve Moreno. The attempt backfires and brings time-lost creatures including Krauhzz to the present, along with the superpowered terrorist Blue Sultan. But the attempt also creates a new hero, Super Liquid Avatar, an Augmented Reality android who is Earth’s last hope for salvation.

In addition to main cover of flagship series PHAZER UNIVERSE, by Matt Gaudio & Mariano Nicieza, an amazing array of industry talent joins for a bonanza of variant covers featuring prominent characters in the story:

  • PHAZER – Darick Robertson (THE BOYS) pencils/inks, Tony Avina colors
  • SUPER LIQUID AVATAR – John Hebert pencils/inks, Nick Caponi colors
  • BLUE SULTAN Ron Frenz (THOR, SPIDER-GIRL) pencils, Brett Breeding (SUPERMAN) inks, Matt Yackey colors
  • BLACKRAY – Fred Haynes pencils,  Johnny Greene inks,  Tamara Kiteley colors
  • AGENT THREE ZERO – Tom Tonkin painting
  • KRAUHZZ – Matt Gaudio pencils/inks, Wilson Ramos Jr. colors

“It’s an amazing time for action-adventure concepts like PHAZER UNIVERSE across all media platforms,” said Nicieza. “Fans are clamoring for imaginative stories that kids and adults alike can enjoy.”

In addition to releasing PHAZER UNIVERSE as traditional print and digital comics, APEX COMICS GROUP has teamed with OASIS DIGITAL STUDIOS and LIQUID AVATAR TECHNOLOGIES to create Augmented Reality content and limited-edition digital collectibles that will compliment this exclusive comic. Sign up at the Indiegogo preview page to help support great comics storytelling the way it’s meant to be!


PHAZER UNIVERSE  joins an APEX COMICS GROUP line of releases that includes THE R.I.G.H.T. PROJECT by legendary comics creators Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema; THE OUTER SPACE MEN by Fabian Nicieza (DEADPOOL) and Chris Batista; the 30th-Anniversary edition of  ATOMIC AGE  by Frank Lovece, Mike Okamoto and Al Williamson; and STAN LEE’S ‘GOD WOKE,’ Marvel legend Stan Lee‘s last published graphic novel in his lifetime, and the winner of the Independent Publisher Outstanding Books of the Year Independent Voice Award.


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