Anthony Zicari and Claudio Sepulveda launch DreamTown Amusement Park mini series from Second Sight Publishing.

Second Sight Publishing is continuing to show why they are indeed the home for Horror. A moniker they have showed time and time again in their short two years of being established. They have added yet another horror title to their growing catalog. Dream Town Amusement Park is a wild mix of fantasy and horror. The four issue mini series is written by the Anthony Zicari (Death by Life), artist Claudio Sepulveda (Grimm Fairy tales). The short premise is: “when the happiest place on Earth turns into a nightmare who will survive?”

In a world where cartoon characters co-exits with real people there is a wondroustheme park where dreams come true: Dreamtown Amusement Park. The park opens and everything seems to be fine, everyone is enjoying themselves, it is the happiest place on Earth.

But this theme park hold a deep and dark secret and soon the theme park is transformed into an evil nightmarish world. Park goers are trapped and the park has come alive. Fighting for their lives and trying desperately to escape, who among them will rise up and become the hero they were ultimately destined to be, enter RIKY FOX, the mascot of the park, but does he have what it takes to save humanity from the real life nightmare that Dreamtown Amusement Park has become?