ANTHEM by Roy Thomas! The Sixth Issue at Last! Now on Kickstarter!

It’s the return of the young heroes of Project Anthem in the long-awaited 6th issue of the alternate reality World War II superhero series Anthem by Roy Thomas, Benito Gallego, and Rob Jones from Heroic Publishing.


In a world where America stands on the verge of defeat in World War II, the last best hope for freedom rests in the hands of the young heroes of PROJECT: ANTHEM!

Roy Thomas, Benito Gallego, and Rob Jones are hard at work on a brand-new sixth issue of ANTHEM, but we need your help to make it happen. Every dollar you contribute to this crowd funding effort on Heroic’s Kickstarter campaign will bring us that much closer to getting this issue into print.

In the first five issues of Anthem, we were introduced to the seven superpowered young heroes of Project: Anthem, including “Stonewall” Jackson, Dawns Earlylight, Bombburst, Liberty, “Rockets” Redglare, and the twins Stars and Stripes. And we were also introduced to their mentor, the mysterious Agent 76.

These heroes exist in an alternate reality, where access to alien technology gave the Axis powers the ability to roll over the Allied forces, conquering Europe and the Far East. Only the United States now stand against the Axis. But even in America the situation is dire. The Japanese Empire has invaded in the West. Nazi Germany has invaded in the East. Only the center of the country still holds.

The young heroes of Project: Anthem are America’s best hope of turning the tide.

But there may be a traitor in their ranks!

Roy Thomas has written the story. Benito Gallego has completed the pencils. And Rob Jones has begun working on the inks. Here’s a peek at what has been done have so far:

Heroic Publishing is looking for your help in getting this 6th issue of Anthem funded. The starting goal of $2000 will cover the remaining production and printing costs.

For completists, support this project at the next level, and receive as your reward either digital or physical copies of all six issues of Anthem. Because we no remaining copies of the original edition of Anthem #1, and very few remaining copies of the original editions of Anthem #2-4. This set will include the second editions of those issues.

And at the highest level, you can receive as your reward a physical copy of Anthem #6, plus fully 24 more Heroic Publishing comic books of your choice! Those 24 extra comic books can include issues of Anthem or any other Heroic comic book title(s) you want, as long as we still have them in stock.

Digital rewards will be provided by Drive Thru Comics.

As always, even if you can’t contribute financially to this project, you can still help by sharing this link with your friends and followers on social media:

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Heroic Publishing also has back issues, digital comics, back issues and posters for sale on their website!

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