(W) Anthony Zicari, Claudio Sepulveda (A) Claudio Sepulveda
Collects Death by Life #1-8
The sexy, soul-searching, shocking series by Anthony Zicari and Claudio Sepulveda, now in one cosmic collection! The long Angelic Wars are over, but Death has been allowed to keep his powers to do his job, though under the watchful eye of the archangel Miridia. However, with empathy and other moral values at an all-time low, Death finds himself actually bored and fed up with his work. Then an event occurs that causes Death to feel something new to him: the touch of the living. The ramifications could shake the very foundations of existence!
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $24.99

(W) Various (A) VARIOUS (CA) Ron Williams
“Fallen Justice” (Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes, Harold Edge): Dynagirl confronts her archenemy Simon Hurst again, enlisting him in a plan to prevent further loss of life, while Justice Theta embarks on a plan of his own, escalating things to the breaking point while taking a look back at what brought him to this point in his life. “Nothing-Man” (John Rhodes): The Freedom Strike Force is once again on the hunt for the Nothing-Man, little suspecting Supremous has something sinister in mind for Diana and Firecracker! “They Call Him Marvelous”: (Jamaal Simpson, David Jaxon, Alexander Malyshev): After subduing the traffickers and rescue the captives, Marvelous reminisces on his origins as he waits for his friends on the force to bring the crooks to justice and get the young women home.
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $4.99

(W) Fred Perry (A) Fred Perry
It’s been almost five years since the shadow of the predator universe, the Umbra, vanished from the cosmos, and things are finally back to normal… except… Tifanny ‘Gia, physicist and honorary member of the Explorers’ Society, is secretly forming a team to investigate a newly discovered ruin of the ancient world. Its cyclopean edifice contains granite that gives off radiation that can only come from the previous universe! But Tiffy and her young band of whippersnappers need an old hand to show them the ropes…
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $3.99

(W) Marcello Bondi (A) Various (CA) Brian Denham
Mayday, Mayday! The May issue of Horror Comics sees Horror Black and White writer Marcello Bondi drop a second Italian bootful of fright, as he and a studio’s worth of Adriatic artisti bring you four more done-in-one stories. Don’t be caught Roman around-the creepiness you crave is right here!
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $3.99

(W) Various (A) VARIOUS (CA) Deivid Deon & Juan Castro
“Lords of the Cosmos” (Dennis Fallon, Jason Palmatier, Jason Lenox, D.F. Marin): The forces of Umex continue running wild, destroying plant Aiden, until one of the few remaining Lords of the Cosmos sees the destruction and reaches out to let the heroes know the ancient evil is on the move again. “Water Wars: 2288 Volume 2” (Timothy B. Fling, Deivid Deon, and Juan Castro): After escaping from a dystopian government, an unprepared young woman struggles to survive in a strange, apocalyptic world.
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $4.99

SAMURAI 2.0 #1 (OF 4)
(W) Marcello Bondi (A/CA) Mauro Gulma
The year is 21XX. World War III has devastated the planet. A foreigner arrives in the city of Neo-Tokyo. His name is Ketsuo, and he is the last remaining graffiti samurai, intent on clashing with the Emperor, who has prohibited any artform and persecutes anyone who dares to create. In the year 2022, a series from Action Lab arrives at Antarctic Press, where we dare to create!
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $4.99

(W) Hiroshi Kanatani (A) Matt Frank (A/CA) Hiroshi Kanatani
Antarctic Press, in conjunction with P-Productions and Phase 6, is proud to announce Spectreman Heroes, a nostalgia-blast of retro Japanese live-action superbeings! Each issue of Spectreman Heroes will showcase a different character in their own full-length story, with art by luminaries such as Matt Frank (Godzilla Legends), Hiroshi Kanatani (Coaraptor), and Ben Dunn (Ninja High School). This issue, private detective Kotaro Akizuki,, brought back from the brink of death by a miracle drug, perseveres against the subterranean Mantles with his skill, raw courage, and unique ability to become the half-leopard Hyoman!
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $4.99

(W) Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty (A) Marlin Shoop
You may THINK you’re ready for the apocalypse, but even after lockdown plagues, town-razing natural disasters, and an ever-present threat of rogue nations going nuclear, the average Joe just isn’t prepared for a total global disaster. Witness mankind’s transition from the Digital Age to the Stone Age in the blink of an eye, and the only light comes from an angry sun setting on two families struggling to survive. Comics legend Chuck Dixon reunites with frequent collaborator Scott Beatty to chronicle the final days with artist Marlin Shoop! It’s the end of the world as THEY know it!
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $4.99

(W) Motofumi Kobayashi (A) Motofumi Kobayashi
War manga master Motofumi Kobayashi’s (Cat Shit One) hit alternate history manga continues in this what-if war tale of a Soviet invasion of Japan! In the 1990s, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces must battle a Soviet armored division intent on occupying Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, in conjunction with the USSR’s invasion of Europe! A first-class battle action story depicting the all-out armed conflict with the West in a world where the Soviet Union did not collapse!
In Shops: May 25, 2022
SRP: $19.99

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