(W) Various (A) VARIOUS (CA) Fred Perry
Celebrate the milestone 25th issue of Exciting Comics with this 52-page special, with Fred Perry cover giving tribute to the title’s Golden Age days! “XOB” (Kyrun Silva, David Jaxon): Granted the powers of the ancient force of nature known as XOB, Tracy must stop the demon hordes of Lord Eklips from draining all humans’ spiritual energy. “They Call Him Marvelous” (Jamaal Simpson, David Jaxon): As he waits for his fellow officers to take away the traffickers and for the medics to treat the rescuees, Marvelous muses on how he got his powers. “Fallen Justice” (Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes, Harold Edge): Justice Theta takes another dark turn as he confronts a super villain gone straight, with tragic consequences. “Nothing-Man” (John Rhodes, Laurie Foster): Nothing-Man/Zane’s memories have been restored, his sister, Chaotika, is off the grid, and Supremous and the Brotherhood of Hyprids have Diana and Firecracker in their clutches. Zane’s only option is to get help from the misfit group known as the Freedom Strike Force!
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99


(W) Fred Perry (A/CA) Fred Perry
When Penelope makes her yearly pilgrimage to the Castle on the Edge of Infinity to visit the tomb of her beloved friend, she discovers the six-thousand-ton seal is sheared in twain. An invader! A thief! Who would dare do this? Penny goes in after the robber, intent on teaching that vandal a thing or two about “Tomb Raiding”!
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $3.99


(W) Marcello Bondi (A) Various
Che spavento! Horror Black and White writer Marcello Bondi delivers another serving of Etruscan eeriness, as he and a studio’s worth of Adriatic artisti bring you four more done-in-one stories. Don’t be caught Roman around-the creepiness you crave is right here!
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99


(W) Giuseppe Pederiali, Roberto Renzi (A) Bruno Marraffa (CA) Brian Denham
“The Adventures of Zan the Jungle Lord”: The expedition members encounter Zan for the first time! But will he be their friend or foe? Antarctic Press proudly presents these classic jungle adventures straight out of the Swinging ’70s by Italian creators Giuseppe Pederiali, Roberto Renzi, and Bruno Marraffa
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99


(W) VARIOUS (A) Various (CA) Ben Dunn
“The Adventures of Lenifille” (Kazuaki Ishida): Having left the Forest of the Lost, adventurer Kyle and his new companion, the elf Lenifille, return to the nearby village inn to retrieve Kyle’s sword from the landlady who tricked him out of it. “Foxy and Wolfy” (Kitsune Windsor, MitsuBlinger and Ana Kris): MD-afflicted spirit guardian Foxy and her lupine parter Amaya travel between the human and demon worlds to combat bloodthirsty, genocidal demonic forces. “Fluffy” (Johnny Segura, Matt Chambers): At the home base of the United Territories of the Legionnaires, General Eavheal questions a survivor on a recent attack at one of his bases. Little does he know, the answer is about to come knocking on his front door.
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99


(W) Various (A) VARIOUS (CA) David Newbold
“Lords of the Cosmos: A Name Matters” (Dennis Fallon, Jason Palmatier, Dave Newbold): Mistress Zemba leads the combat initiation rituals for prospective new members of the Disciples of Umex. As a deadly ceremony unfolds, an unknown new villain takes center stage. “Lords of the Cosmos: The Scream” (Dennis Fallon, Joe Freistuhler): A soldier in the army of Gemspire meets his end at the hands of Disciple of Umex member Decaptor. His journey through the afterlife becomes a fate worse than death. “Crop Circles” (Marcello Bondi, Stefano Artibani): Two friends discover a dark secret of some so-called “crop circles”. “The Space Castaway” (Marcello Bondi, Gabriele Crepaidi): An astronaut is lost in deep space, all alone…or is he?
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99


SAMURAI 2.0 #2 (OF 4)
(W) Marcello Bondi (A/CA) Mauro Gulma
What has shaped Ketsuo’s character and influenced his life as a graffiti samurai? What made him become what he is now? Ketsuo recounts his past to the only person he can trust!
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99


(W) Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty (A) Marlin Shoop
You may THINK you’re ready for the apocalypse, but even after lockdown plagues, town-razing natural disasters, and an ever-present threat of rogue nations going nuclear, the average Joe just isn’t prepared for a total global disaster. Witness mankind’s transition from the Digital Age to the Stone Age in the blink of an eye, and the only light comes from an angry sun setting on two families struggling to survive. Comics legend Chuck Dixon reunites with frequent collaborator Scott Beatty to chronicle the final days with artist Marlin Shoop! It’s the end of the world as THEY know it!
In Shops: Jun 29, 2022
SRP: $4.99

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