Announcing the Powers Squared Kickstarter to translate the collection into French.

Artithmeric has collaborated with the creators of Powers Squared to create this Kickstarter Campaign ( ), with the overall aim to translate the Powers Squared Collection into French. “At Artithmeric we’re all about the printed comic, the real deal, the tactile feel of paper between fingers,” states co-founder Andrew Copeland. Artithmeric wants to increase the exposure of Powers Squared, not only in the US, but also abroad.

The co-creators of Powers Squared share a personal connection with the story. David Hankins explains, “Paul and Trevor (Hankins) noticed that whenever a cartoon, anime, comic or manga series featured twins, they were usually one-off or gimmick characters and when there were twins as leads, they were usually fraternal. Powers Squared allowed them to explore the representation of identical twins as leading characters without resorting to longstanding stereotypes. Twins, while very similar, are also individuals.”

The Powers Squared Kickstarter Campaign (  ) will be live from the 24th of March 2022 to the 30th of April 2022. Depending on their pledge amount, Backers could receive a digital comic, printed comics, a hardback graphic novel, a t-shirt or a signed fine art print as their rewards, as well as loads of add-ons and stretch goals are also on offer.

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