If you’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con, we’ve got great news for you!

Not only will BAD IDEA be hosting a SDCC Tiki Party (now moving to Saturday at the same venue to accommodate the avalanche of RSVPs–details coming soon) but we’ll be dropping a brand-new HERO TRADE story by Matt Kindt and David Lapham — HERO TRADE: SACRED HEART!

Obtaining a copy is simple, all you have to do is find Matt Kindt in-and-around the convention and say to him, “I hear you have something for me.”  The situation is literally irrelevant. He’s having an important looking meeting at the Marriott pool bar? Interrupt. He’s on a panel? You better be loud. He’s hiding in a men’s room stall? Squeeze on in under that door. Whatever the situation make sure to say, “I hear you have something for me.” He will have no choice but to hand over a copy* of the BAD IDEA SDCC exclusive, HERO TRADE: SACRED HEART! With a little luck, he might even sign it for you.

Like HERO TRADE: HERO FOR SALE and HERO TRADE: A BRIEF CASE, we are producing a very limited quantity of HERO TRADE: SACRED HEART. The SDCC exclusive will only be available while supplies last. In the event that BAD IDEA returns to publishing in spectacular and much anticipated fashion the story will be reprinted in a later release.

So be on the lookout, you never know when a wild Matt Kindt may appear…actually, that’s not simple at all. Obtaining a copy is unnecessarily difficult and unfairly disadvantages the shy, people of quiet voices and those who who have difficultly telling devilishly handsome, genius creators apart.

If you need a little help, Matt will be appearing on a sure-to-be show stopping panel showing off his new imprint at the Flux House panel, attending the BAD IDEA First Customer Pin holder San Diego Comic-Con Tiki party at Bali Hai on Saturday (new details and RSVP information coming soon), and in-and-around the convention.

*Limit one copy per person

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