Announcing New Graphic Novel, “Someday Comes Paradise”

Entrepreneur, Storyteller Brings Film-Caliber Visual Story to Bookshelves

“Someday Comes Paradise” Graphic Novel Released on February 2nd, 2021

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dare To Be Free Press, a new independent press launched in 2020 from entrepreneur Gary Dean Simpson and his wife and business partner Amy E. Simpson, today released its first graphic novel, Someday Comes Paradise.

A semi-autobiographical graphic novel based on an award-winning screenplay by Gary Dean, Someday Comes Paradise is a character-rich journey that the author hopes will provoke and inspire. Set on the coast in South Texas, this Southern saga reveals a coming-of-age journey of troubled souls holding onto a flame of hope.

“With emotional reality at its core, Someday Comes Paradise pulls from the gritty South Texas shores of days gone by and the desperation of lives across cultures and poverty,” explains Gary Dean. “It’s my hope that readers connect to the challenges, faults and failures of my characters, while at the same time rooting for their redemption.”

With the publication of Someday Comes Paradise, Dare To Be Free Press introduces a fresh, original perspective into the literary world with a focus on graphic novels and the profound opportunity for “visual fanship” of connoisseurs of illustration. From there, the published offerings will expand into innovative poetry, modern fiction, and more, all presented in unique visual formats to meet the experiential demands of today’s audiences.

Dare To Be Free Press’ debut catalog will consist of groundbreaking graphic novels featuring art from international artists. The first book launches today with at least three others planned in the next twelve months. Highlights include:

Archaea Written by Gary Dean Simpson, Story by Gary Dean Simpson and Webb Millsaps, Art by Graeme Howard [April 2021], A gripping sci-fi saga of humankind fighting to escape extinction and emerge in an evolved world [Teen].

The Marvelous Magic of Plows Candy: A Baseball Saga by Gary Dean Simpson, Art by James E. Lyle [July 2021], A family-friendly baseball tale reflecting the magic of days gone by with the realities of today…Willy Wonka meets Field of Dreams [Family].

Bone Crusher by Gary Dean Simpson, Art by Garrie Gastonny [September 2021], An action-filled urban thriller in which a crew of East Coast kids must escape their personal demons [Mature].

Publishing in a variety of subgenres and for a variety of audiences, the primary focus of Dare To Be Free’s first list of titles is turning epic, compelling scripts into visual sensations. As it expands its catalog, the press will continue to publish 4-5 titles per year in both print and ebook format.

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