Darkstalkers: Felicia #1
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UDON Entertainment welcomes acclaimed creators


to the Darkstalkers Universe this April!

HI, FELICIA!: Today UDON Entertainment is proud to announce that fan-favorite writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Batman: Eternal, Revival, Hexware) is joining the Darkstalkers universe with a brand new one-shot starring everyone’s freaky femme-feline, Felicia, in Darkstalkers: Felicia #1. For this special one-shot adventure, Felicia must explore the seedy underworld of Darkstalker society to clear the good name of her lycanthropic best friend… but it may all end in tragedy if a certain gun-toting red-hooded girl gets to him first!

UDON asked Tim Seeley for a few words on why he’d be a great fit for the Darkstalkers universe, and he responded with in his own characteristically straight-shooting way:

 “I’ll be honest, I’m not that much of a video game guy. But I am a big fan of monsters and great character designs, so I’ve been following Capcom’s DARKSTALKERS for 25 years. In particular, I, along with a whole hell of a lot of other people, have always been totally enamored with Felicia. She’s the perfect mix of monstrous, cute, sexy, and downright weird, and I’m thrilled to work with UDON to tell a story about her and the tense world she lives in, where creatures from the Makai do their best to survive in the human world.”

Seeley will be joined in the endeavor by the incredible Tovio Rogers (Street Fighter Pin-Up Special, Capcom Fighting Challenge) in a 32 page on-shot comic releasing April 26th. There are 3 open-order covers on this issue, 1 incentive cover, and 2 very special UDONstore covers…  So keep reading to see’em!

Darkstalkers: Felicia #1
Written by Tim Seeley.  Art by Tovio Rogers.
32pgs, Full Color, Comic Book.
Releases in Comic Stores April 26, 2023

Darkstalkers: Felicia #1
CVR B – Ice-Mio SRP:$4.99
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Darkstalkers: Felicia #1
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Darkstalkers: Felicia #1
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