Andrew Rancho is insane and you love it!!


I love this guy. So I ran into ANDREW RANCHO at this year’s WONDERCON and I was cranky, it had been a long day of forced fake smiles and bs fake small talk with untalented wannabe comic creators.. I was DONE; but then I saw the light shine from heaven when I met this nutball. Andrew is the real deal.

Andrew Racho (TripTank, Irrational Thoughts, This Is Not A Kid’s Book, Convenience Store Diet) is a writer, actor, director, author, and artist in television. He got his start in Los Angeles working on the hit series Robot Chicken and Moral Orel, later writing, directing, and performing in the Comedy Central animated series TripTank. You can see him in movies, you can hear him in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and you can watch all the ridiculous cartoons he made on tv and the internet like here:

This year, Andrew is working on a number of new books for his “This Is Not A Kid’s Book” series. His cartoon “Swiss Ball” is doing great in the festival circuit. And you can see his latest animated creation about his second worst dating story of all time. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Andrew Racho is the author of the series, “This Is Not A Kid’s Book,” now available on Amazon and Ko-Fi. From the twisted comedy mind of Andrew Racho (TripTank, Irrational Thoughts, Convenience Store Diet) comes one of the most messed up book series you’ll ever read. This Is Not A Kid’s Book is a series of standalone comedy books that read like children’s books. Only they’re not for kids. They’re definitely not for kids. In fact, keep them far away from your children. Very far away. Stories include a kid afraid of the monsters in his bedroom, a kid on his first day of school, and a little girl spending the weekend with her grandmother.


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